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Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
412039¢ Ella Fitzgerald, pane of 201/10/07
412139¢ Oklahoma Statehood, pane of 201/11/07
412239¢ With Love and Kisses, Hershey's Kiss, foldable booklet pane of 201/13/07
4123$1.68 International Polar Year, Souvenir sheet with 2 different 84¢ stamps2/21/07
  4123a   Aurora Borealis
4123b   Aurora Australis
412439¢ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, pane of 20, in the Literary Arts series3/15/07
3748A1¢ Tiffany Lamp, pane of 203/16/07
3749C3¢ Silver Coffeepot, pane of 203/16/07
Non-denominated (41¢) Liberty Bell "Forever" stamp, various formats4/12/07
(41¢) Flag, non-denominated, seven different formats4/12/07
  sheet of 100, WA   Mfr: Ashton-Potter
pane of 20, SA   Mfr: Ashton-Potter
Coil, WA   Mfr: Sennett Security Products
Coil, WA   Mfr: Avery Dennison
Coil, SA   Mfr: Ashton-Potter
Coil, SA   Mfr: Avery Dennison
Coil, SA   Mfr: Sennett Security Products
413641¢ Settlement of Jamestown (new format)5/11/07
26¢ Florida Panther5/12/07
  4137   sheet of 100, water-activated
4139   pane of 20, self-adhesive
4141   Coil, SA
4142   convertible booklet pane of 10
37532¢ Navajo Necklace, pane of 205/12/07
413817¢ Big Horn Sheep, pane of 205/14/07
414017¢ Big Horn Sheep, Coil5/21/07
414341¢ Star Wars pane of 155/25/07
  a   Darth Vader
b   Millennium Falcon
c   Emperor Palpatine
d   Anakin Skywalker & Obi-Wan Kenobi
e   Luke Skywalker
f   Princess Leia & R2-D2
g   C-3PO
h   Queen Padme Amidala
i   Obi-Wan Kenobi
j   Boba Fett
k   Darth Maul
l   Chewbacca & Han Solo
m   X-wing Starfighter
n   Yoda
o   Stormtroopers
C14269¢ Okefenokee Swamp, Scenic American Landscapes series6/01/07
C14390¢ Hagatna Bay Scenic American Landscapes series6/01/07
4144$4.60 Air Force One Priority Mail rate stamps in pane of 206/13/07
4145$16.25 Marine One Express Mail rate stamps in pane of 206/13/07
342758¢ Margaret Chase Smith, pane of 20 in Distinguished Americans series6/13/07
343075¢ Harriet Beecher Stowe, pane of 20 in Distinguished Americans series6/13/07
4146-5041¢ Pacific Coast Lighthouses6/21/07
RW74$15 Ring-necked Ducks, water-activated pane of 20 and pane of 1; self-adhesive pane of 1 (#RW74A)6/22/07
O16241¢ Great Seal Official, coil6/25/07
415141¢ Silver Heart (Wedding stamp)6/27/07
415258¢ Silver Heart (Wedding stamp)6/27/07
4153-641¢ Pollination, 4 different, double-sided pane of 20 (2 different layouts of the block of 4 include slight differences in the typography of the stamps leading Scott to issue different numbers for the same subject. "Type I" stamps show animals at center of block facing the straightedge & "Type II" animals are in corners of block facing away from the straightedge.)6/29/07
  4153   Morrison's Bumblebee (type I)
4153a   Morrison's Bumblebee (type II)
4154   Calliope Hummingbird (type I)
4154a   Calliope Hummingbird (type II)
4155   Lesser Long-Nosed Bat (type I)
4155a   Lesser Long-Nosed Bat (type II)
4156   Southern Dogface Butterfly (type I)
4156a   Southern Dogface Butterfly (type II)
4156b   block of four (4153-6, type I)
4156c   block of four (4153a-6a, type II)
4156d   double-sided pane of 20
4157(10¢) Patriotic Banner, Coil, non-denominated stamp for presorted standard mail,Printer: Avery Dennison, bright gold letters/border7/04/07
4158(10¢) Patriotic Banner, Coil, non-denominated stamp for presorted standard mail,Printer: Sennett Security Products, dull gold letters/border7/04/07
37614¢ Chippendale Chair, Coil7/19/07
415941¢ Marvel Comics, pane of 20 different7/26/07
  a   Spider-Man
b   The Hulk
c   Sub-Mariner
d   The Thing
e   Captain America
f   Silver Surfer
g   Spider-Woman
h   Iron Man
i   Elektra
j   Woverine
k   The Amazing Spider-Man cover
l   The Incredible Hulk cover
m   Sub-Mariner cover
n   The Fantastic Four cover
o   Captain America cover
p   The Silver Surfer cover
q   Marvel Spotlight on The Spider-Woman cover
r   Iron Man cover
s   Daredevil featuring Elektra cover
t   The X-Men cover
41¢ Flag, multiple formatsAug '07
4160-341¢ Vintage Mahogany Speedboats, 4 different8/04/07
416441¢ Purple Heart8/07/07
416541¢ Louis Comfort Tiffany8/09/07
4166-7541¢ Flower Blossoms, 10 different in Coil8/10/07
4176-8541¢ Flower Blossoms, 10 different in double-sided booklet8/10/07
4192-541¢ Art of Disney, Magic, 4 different in Disney series8/16/07
419641¢ Celebrate, pane of 208/17/07
419741¢ Jimmy Stewart, Legends of Hollywood series8/17/07
419841¢ Alpine Tundra, Nature of America series8/28/07
  a   Elk
b   Golden Eagle
c   Yellow-bellied Marmot
d   American Pika
e   Bighorn Sheep
f   Magdalena Alpine Butterfly
g   White-tailed Ptarmigan
h   Rocky Mountain Parnassian Butterfly
i   Melissa Arctic Butterfly
j   Brown-capped Rosy Finch
419941¢ Gerald Ford8/31/07
420041¢ Jury Duty9/12/07
420141¢ Mendez v. Westminster School District9/14/07
420241¢ Eid9/28/07
4203-441¢ Polar Lights, 2 different10/01/07
  4203   Aurora Borealis
4204   Aurora Australis
4204a   PAIR of #4203-4
420541¢ Yoda10/25/07
420641¢ Luini Madonna & Child10/25/07
4207-1041¢ Christmas Knits, pane of 2010/25/07
4211-1441¢ Christmas Knits, double-sided booklet of 2010/25/07
4215-841¢ Christmas Knits, ATM pane of 1810/25/07
421941¢ Hanukkah10/26/07
422041¢ Kwanzaa10/26/07
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
U660$4.60 Air Force One Priority Mail stamped envelope5/6/07
U661$16.25 Marine One with Star Wars designs on back of Express Mail stamped envelope5/6/07
U66241¢ Horses Six different stamped envelope formats (USPS price 50¢)5/12/07
UO9341¢ Great Seal (#10 size, USPS price 50¢)5/12/07
Postal Cards
Scott #DescriptionIssue Date
UX48826¢ Pineapple5/12/07
UY4626¢ Pineapple, 52¢ double-reply5/12/07
UX503a26¢ Star Wars, Booklet of 15 different (#UX489-503)5/25/07
UX504-826¢ Pacific Coast Lighthouses, 5 different6/21/07
UX509-2826¢ Marvel Comics, 20 different7/26/07
UX529-3226¢ Art of Disney, 4 different8/16/07

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