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U.S. Covers
Last updated 10/26/18

8237105¢ Washington, FDC, addressed  5.00
 7373¢ Mothers of America, FDC, addressed, Uncacheted clean1.00
 7862¢ Army, FDC, Cacheted, neatly addressed in pen 1.00
 83030¢ T. Roosevelt, FDC, w/#825, 826, 827, 828, & 829. Cacheted, clean, crisp cover with neatly typewritten address 7.00
707852, 853Combination FDC for 3¢ Golden Gate Int. Expo & 3¢ NY World's Fair, addressed, no cachetclean1.00
0188583¢ Statehood for Washington/Montana/N. & S. Dakota, FDC, addressed, cachet label (bright gold foil label did not scan well) toning of seams0.75
1278752¢ Dr. Crawford W. Long, PAIR, FDC, color cachet, erased pencil addressaverage2.00
 104615¢ John Jay, FDC, ArtCraft cachet, addressed in pencil 0.50
 1059A25¢ Paul Revere, FDC, ArtMaster cachet, un-addressedclean, crisp1.00
 67010883¢ Coast and Geodetic Survey, FDC, Maximum Card, un-addressed, bumped lower-left cornergood0.35
 10973¢ Lafayette, FDC, Artmaster, type-written addressclean, crisp0.80
 11904¢ Nursing, FDC, Artmaster cachet, addressed, small stain on back, but front is very clean and freshclean, fresh3.00
 13185¢ Plant for a more Beautiful America, FDC, pink, Albers cachet & typed address 0.80
 1393b6¢ Eisenhower booklet pane of 5 + label, Art Craft cachet & addressedclean, stamps are VF/VF+0.80
 1569-70FDC, Art Craft, unaddressedclean but wrinkled0.45
 1572-5FDC, Art Craft, unaddressedclean1.75
 159412¢ Torch coil, FDC, typewriter addressed (also franked w/#1581, 1582, 1584)clean0.50
 160529¢ Sandy Hook Lighthouse, FDC, Fleetwood, unaddressedclean0.70
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Maximum Card, First Day Cancelled stamps, unaddressedclean0.70
2331691-4FDC & Bronze Medal of T.Jeffersonmedal is partially tarnished3.00
 1712-513¢ Butterflies, 4 FDCs, Fleetwood cachet & unaddressedclean3.50
 1732-313¢ Capt. Cook, single stamp on 2 FDCs, ArtCraft cachet (2 diff.) & unaddressed covers 1.35
 174413¢ Harriet Tubman, FDC, ArtCraft cachet & unaddressed cover 1.20
 1745-813¢ Quilts, Set of 2 FDC, ArtCraft cachet & unaddressed, 2 stamps/cover 1.75
 175413¢ Cancer Detection, Pap Test, FDC, ArtCraft cachet, UN-addressed 0.40
 175413¢ Cancer Detection, Pap Test, FDC, 'Postmasters of America' cachet, addressed, size #9 0.50
 1757a-h13¢ CAPEX, 8 FDCs, Fleetwood cachet & unaddressedclean7.00
 1760-315¢ Owls, Set of 2 FDCs, ArtCraft cachet & unaddressed, 2 stamps/cover 1.75
 1760-315¢ Owls, 4 FDCs, Fleetwood cachet & unaddressedclean2.25
 1764-715¢ Trees, Set of 2 FDC, ArtCraft cachet & unaddressed, 2 stamps/cover 1.75
 1779-8215¢ Architecture, Set of 2 FDC, ArtCraft cachet & unaddressed, 2 stamps/cover 1.75
 18133.5¢ Violins (pair), FDC, Fleetwood cachet & unaddressed, 1813 pair + 1615C 0.50
 1895Maximum Card, First Day Cancelled 20¢ Flag o/Supreme Courtclean0.55
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Maximum Card, First Day Cancelled 4¢ Stagecoach strip of 4clean0.95
 1900Maximum Card, First Day Cancelled 5.3¢ Sleigh strip of 3cleansold
 1921-418¢ Wildlife Habitats, 4 FDCs, Fleetwood cachet & unaddressedclean3.00
 1924a18¢ Wildlife Habitats, block on FDC, Fleetwood cachet & unaddressedclean2.50
 192718¢ Alcoholism, FDC, Artmaster, unaddressedclean1.00
 193218¢ Babe Zaharias, FDC, Postmasters of America cachet, addressed, size #9clean1.50
 221022¢ Public Hosipitals, FDC, ArtCraft, addressed 0.30
 234825¢ Rhode Island, FDC, ArtCraft, addressedclean0.50
 2348-max25¢ Rhode Island statehood, First Day of Issue Maximum Card (postcard of Slater Mill)clean0.50
6492426Pre-Columbian Art, FDC, Artmaster, unaddressedvery small indent on face0.50
 248030¢ Cardinal, FDC, Fleetwood cachet, UN-addressedclean0.55
 2542$14 Eagle in Flight, FDC, USPS folio opened, frontpristine8.50
 255129¢ Desert Shield/Desert Storm, FDC, ArtCraft, addressedclean0.50
 286929¢ Legends of the West, Full pane with First Day Cancellation, in USPS booklet, incl. First Day program pages. (this item may require up to $3.50 additional shipping charge)clean5.50
 2912(25¢) Juke Box (pair), Colorano "Silk" cachet & unaddressedclean, stamps VF0.80
 444544¢ Bill Mauldin FDC, uncacheted, unaddressedVF-clean1.00
 4945(FOREVER/49¢) Magi FDC, color cancel, uncacheted, unaddressedVF-clean1.50
 C416¢ Transport coil, Artmaster cachet & neatly addressed in inkclean0.55
 C5610¢ Pan Am Games, FDC, ArtCraft cachet, lightly addressed in pencil, few light bends sold
 C7610¢ First Man on Moon, FDC, private cachet addressed to Kenmore Stamp Co.clean1.00
 C91-231¢ Wright Bros., one stamp each on two (2) Art Craft covers, unaddressed 1.00
Stationery with First Day Cancels,
without cachets are listed on the   US Used web page.
 U5561.7¢ Liberty Bell, FDC, Art Craft, unaddressed 0.75
 U56710¢ Liberty Bell, FDC, Art Craft, unaddressedclean0.70
644UC4311¢ Jet & Circles, FDC, Artcraft, unaddressedclean1.00
 UC4415¢ Aerogramme, FDC, plain, unaddressedclean0.25
 UC5222¢ Olympics 1980, discus thrower, FDC, unaddressed entireclean0.65
 UO83(29¢) "F" Eagle 'Savings Bond' size, cacheted, unaddressedVF-clean1.00
 UX432¢ Lincoln, FDC, Art Craft cachet, unaddressedclean0.75
 UX524¢ Coast Guard, FDC AUG 4 1965, no cachet, unaddressedclean0.15
512UX534¢ Census, FDC, unaddressedclean0.10
515UX5910¢ USA, FDC, unaddressedclean1.00
516UX59FDC, CACHETED, unaddressedclean2.00
519UX656¢ Liberty, FDC, unaddressedclean0.15
520UX6712¢ Visit USA, FDC, unaddressedclean0.20
 UX709¢ Caeser Rodney, FDC, Cacheted, UNaddressedclean0.40
 UX10213¢ Olympics 84, Fleetwood cachet, cancelled at Los Angeles, CA, 4/30/84. Crisp, clean on front with heavy pencil notation erased from back, barely visible on front 0.25
053UX10213¢ Olympics 84, Set of 4 postal cards, each with an Olympic Torch Station cancel. One each cancelled at Washington 5/14/84; Oklahoma City 6/11/84; Dallas 6/13/84; Albuquerque 6/19/13. Clean & crisp cards with neatly struck cancels 2.00
 UXC66¢ Virgin Islands, FDC MAR 31 1967, no cachet, unaddressedclean0.20
 UXC511¢ Visit the USA, FDC, CACHET, unaddressedclean0.90
524UXC66¢ Virgin Islands, FDC, Artmaster CACHET, unaddressedclean1.00
 UXC109¢ Eagle, precancelled FDC, no cachet, unaddressedclean0.15
528UXC109¢ Eagle, precancelled FDC, ArtCraft CACHET, unaddressedclean1.00
530UXC1115¢ Travel, FDC, ArtCraft CACHET, unaddressedclean1.00
 UXC1411¢ Mail Early, FDC, Art Craft cachet, unaddressedclean, crisp1.20
534UY257¢ + 7¢ Thomson, FDC, ArtCraft CACHET, unaddressedclean1.00
703--"Postique" grand opening in Memphis, 4-17-72 franked w/Scott #1431 on a 3-7/8" x 7½" envelopeclean0.40

* Most of these covers are clean and undamaged. If interested in one without a condition listed,
just email to inquire and I will be happy to look it up and send you details on it's condition.

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