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Discount U.S. Postage Stamps

49¢ First Class postage rate
(next postage rate change:  January 21, 2018.)

Pay less than 90% of Face Value!


Pre-packaged in $4.40 packets. Each packet contains $4.90 in clean, unused, fully gummed (or self-adhesive), U.S. postage stamps.

Each packet contains 20 or 30 stamps with two or three different denominations. No more than THREE stamps from each packet are required to mail a 49¢ First Class letter. Each packet contains stamps enough for 10 mailings. Each packet is clearly marked on the front so you know exactly what combination of stamp denominations to use to post your first class mail. You can't make a mistake! These older stamps are great for dressing up your mail. So, add interest to your mail ... and save money at the same time!

If you just want small Forever stamps for business use (flags, flowers, etc.), specify Forever stamps for some or all of your packets. If you're not sure whether some of your envelopes will be heavier than one ounce -- just order a $2.10 pack of ten - 21¢ stamps to cover that 2nd ounce . (cost=$1.90)

Do you need 2-ounce rate, postcard rate, or bulk postage? (See below)   or if you have large mailings that are all the same weight, we can make up special packets for higher 2-, 3-, 4-ounce rates or special rates like 'large' envelopes or 'parcels'.

$22.00 minimum purchase (5 packets).
Payment by cash or personal check.

* I will add another 49¢ in postage for the first six packets you purchase
and another 49¢ for every three packets after that.

On orders for 40 packets or more,
please email first to be sure we have that many packets immediately available.


These stamps are NOT philatelic quality. Most of them are off-center, and some may have minor damage making them UNACCEPTABLE for a stamp collection. Although a few of the stamps may be acceptable for collecting, these are rare exceptions. Also, the images provided are only examples, the stamps you receive will be different sets. Please do not buy these stamps with hopes of filling your stamp album. They are great for adding distinction to your mail or for paying those pesky bills!


Payment MethodInstructions
Check, MO, or Cash Send payment to:
Edward Mann
P.O. Box 216
Thurmont, MD 21788
Credit Card No longer accepting credit card sales due to high bank fees

PacketsPrice   |   PacketsPrice
5 (min.)$22.00   |   13$57.20
6*$26.40   |   14$61.60
7$30.80   |   15*$66.00
8$35.20   |   16$70.40
9*$39.60   |   17$74.80
10$44.00   |   18*$79.20
11$48.40   |   19$83.60
12*$52.80   |   20$88.00


FREE INSURANCE on orders over $200
(on orders $100-$200, we pay half
the insurance cost and buyer pays half)

2-ounce Rate

Stamp packets to cover the two ounce rate of 70 cents are available as well. These $7.00 face value packets cost you only $6.25 each. These packets contain denominations requiring either 2 or 3 stamps per envelope. You may combine 1-oz. rate packets ($4.40 ea.) AND 2-oz. rate packets ($6.25 ea.) to meet the $22.00 minimum purchase. For orders over $200 -- please email first.

Postcard Rate

We can even put together packets for (34¢) postcards using smaller definitive stamps and requiring only one or two stamps per postcard.

Bulk Postage
 @ 87% - 82% face

Also available--Bulk Postage @ 87% of face value includes stamps with a nice assortment of denominations (individually packaged by denomination) for any size order from $50 to $500. You can specify any stamp denomination(s) you might need to help use up older stamps you may already have. Otherwise, the denominations used in these lots is between 20¢ and 49¢ with a smaller quantity of low denominations (1¢ — 18¢) and large denominations (up to $1). Specify highest and lowest values desired, e.g.  1¢/$1;  2¢/$2;  etc.   Larger orders receive larger discounts as low as 82% of face value.  Minimum Bulk Postage order is $50. Orders over $100 @ 87% 86%; over $150 @ 86% 85%; over $200 @ 85% 84%; 2% additional discount given if you give me permission to use a heavier mix of Xmas stamps or lower (3¢–13¢) denominations. For orders over $500 -- please verify availability by email before sending order.

Special Stamps

Christmas stamps — we can create small quantities of Christmas (either religious or secular or both) stamp packets on demand.

P.S. Write Soon — a packet containing ten (or more) old 15¢ stamps with those words can be combined with other stamps to help prompt the recipient of your mail to...Please Write Soon!

Nature — extra birds and other flora and fauna in these stamp packets.

Black History — a selection of history-making African-Americans included in these stamp packets.

Patriotic stamps — higher percentage of flags, stars, eagles and other patriotic theme stamps.

Thank you.   Ed Mann

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Where do these discount stamps come from?
I spend $1000s for stamp collections and accumulations each year. Quite frankly, I am often amazed at the off-center, low quality stamps some "collectors" will save! I pull these low quality stamps out and set them to one side. I could never, in good conscience resell them to my philatelic customers. So I use them as postage. However, I have way more than I could ever use. So I offer them as discounted postage. Frequently, I pay only 90% of face for large, modern accumulations and so I'm almost breaking even.   (P.S.   If you are buying new stamps at the post office to put away for future enjoyment...please, please be fussy about the centering of those stamps! Attractive, well-centered stamps increase in value. But poorly-centered stamps never do.)

Counterfeit Stamps?
Tens of thousands of recent U.S. postage stamps are sold on eBay at below face value every day. However, when you see multiple panes (x10, x20, x100) of the same stamp, you should beware. Sadly, it is quite likely that these stamps are counterfeit stamps printed in China, Taiwan, or even North Korea. Many of these fake stamps are quite well done and are difficult to tell from the real thing. The most common stamps being faked at this time are the (forever) Skywriting Love and (forever) Vintage Rose (in black). Apparently, the USPS is not interested in prosecuting these counterfeiters (probably because the postal inspectors under-estimate the extent of the probem), and EBAY is very happily assisting these criminals by turning a blind eye to their crimes (and laughing all the way to the bank with their small share of the profit on each sale of fake stamps).
But there is still one thing you can trust...